Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Review from Fashionista 1001

Million thanks to Fashionista 1001 for the reviews on 30th March.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Footsie Rolls is in TOWN !

Bonjour ladies, we got the most talked about Footsie Roll in Malaysia now.
Footsie Roll can be fully rollable, this rollable flat is best to wear after clubbing, shopping, in the office or even at home. It is so light and comfortable that you could just pack it into the reusable bag that comes along and put into your handbag.
FYI, this is a pre-order starting from 26th March to 7th April. Stock estimated will arrive on 17th April to us.

Currently there are 7 colours available. Black (All sizes available), Silver (All sizes available), Red (All sizes available), Purple (All sizes available), Pearl (All sizes available)

Orange (all size available, but very limited)

All Footsie Rolls is priced at :
per pair
per pair if purchase 2 pairs
per pair if purchase 3 pairs and above

Purchase Footise Rolls is inclusive of :
1. Rollable Footsie Rolls
2. Small shoe reusable bag
3. Big shoe reusable bag
4. Reusable Box

Notes 1:
-Length and width measurements based on shoe sole, not on foot.
-For narrow feet, please go down a size lower.
-For wide feet, no need to make adjustments.

eg.: If you wear vincci size 7, get a medium size.

Note 2:
Best Worn indoor, pave walkway, shopping mall, office, club.
Not for uneven, rough terrain.

Note 3:
Material is make from Synthetic leather with rubber sole.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bold and Beautiful Shoes- Pre Order

All these shoes are pre-order, starts from 18th March to 26th March. Stocks will arrive on 10th April.

Email us for inquiry on ready stock for bags, clothes and shoes.
Click on the link for:

p/s: Please email us regarding delivery charges for shoes and bags.

Shoe- 7
Colour: Black, Grey
Heel height: 9cm
Size: 35 - 39
Price: RM78

Shoe- 8

Colour: White, Pink, Black
Size: 35 - 39
Price: RM66

Shoe- 9

Colour: Black, Maroon, Grey, Brown
Size: 35 - 39
Price: RM60

Shoe- 10

Colour: Brown, Black, Beige
Heel height: 8cm
Size: 35 - 39
Price: RM80

Shoe- 11

Colour: Grey, Black
Heel height: 10cm
Size: 35 - 39
Price: RM85

Shoe- 12

Colour: Black, Grey
Size: 35 -39
Price: RM80

Shoe- 13

Colour: Gold, Black
Size: 35 - 39
Price: RM80

Shoe- 14

Colour: Grey, Black
Heel height: 10.5cm
Size: 35 -39
Price: RM80


Colour: Grey, Black
Heel height: 10cm
Size: 35 - 39
Price: RM80


Colour: Yellow Brown, Purple, Grey, Black
Size: 35 -39
Heel height: 7cm
Price: RM68


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